Pinnacle Five Launches Veterans Employment Initiative on Valentine's Day

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Pinnacle Five Launches Veterans Employment Initiative on Valentine's Day

5 Former Warriors, the Senior Enlisted Military form Pinnacle Five; Launch Advocacy Campaign with a Valentine for Veterans and Familes Saluting their Value and telling Employers It's Time to Care

For Immediate Release -- Thursday, February 10, 2011 -- sponsors multi media valentine that tours the reasons to hire Veterans, declaring them an elite group with transferrable skills that will help American create a competitive advantage.

Washington, DC -- Five former senior enlisted military leaders who each rose to the top of his respective military service advising the Joint Chiefs of Staff while preparing, leading and supporting the collective US forces, have created Pinnacle Five to ensure employers understand the value of Veterans as potential employees.  Calling them "America's competitive advantage," Pinnacle Five intends to educate employers and the public about the true value of Veterans.  And, they offering to speak to any employer who will listen.  But first, they're sending a very public multimedia valentine . . . that they hope will "go social."

Pinnacle Five consists of 5 men who worked together closely during and after 9-11 to "build a bridge" between the enlisted force and key decision-makers in the Pentagon.  All five have transitioned successfully to the private sector in their post-military careers and know what it takes to succeed.  "Now, we want to buld that bridge to the employer community and ensure they know the value of Veteans as employees," said Jack Tilley, 12th Sergeant Major of the Army and founder of the American Freedom Foundation -- which put on concerts to benefit Veterans and their families.

"Our goal is to get people to send a Valentine's Day message to their hiring manager, head of HR, or CEO to remind them that regardless of their military branch or the job they performed in the military, Veterans possess the inherent traits of self-discipline, respect, loyalty, initiative and team so in demand in today's workplace," said Jim Herdt, 9th Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy and CEO of Herdt Consulting.

Pinnacle Five hopes the multi-media valentine will be used as a loving reminder to Veterans and their familes of the affection with which they are held and of their post transition value.  Pinnacle Five also wants employers to consider the strength of Veterans as employees.  "The military is rooted in and invests heavily in both leadership development and skills training," said Jim Finch, 13th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, and founder of Jim Finch, Inc.  "We want to ensure empoyers understand that Veterans possess more than simply technical skills - and as Assistant Secretary of Labor, Ray Jefferson says, Of all jobs in the private sector, 80% have a correlations in the military."

The message of the valentine comes from, which will distribute it through its newsletter to 5.7 million of its 10 million members. "It's delivered on video by Pinnacle Five in their inimitable style - characterized by the warmth of their friendship, decades of committed service and love of Country," said Ted Hacker, president and co-founder of the American Freedom Foundation.

"Hiring Veterans makes good business sense," said Vince Patton, currently the Director of Community Outreach for and the 8th Master Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Coast Guard because Veterans:

1.  Learn Quickly

2.  Accept Leadership Roles

3.  Work Well with Culturaly Diverse Teams

4.  Readily Adapt to Age Diverse Organizations

5.  Embrace Innovation and Change

6.  Perform Efficiently Under Pressure

7.  Understand Technology

8.  Accept Risk and Accountability

9.  Operate With Integrity

10.  Focus of Health and Safety Concerns


Asked whether a valentine was the right way to get the message out, Al Michaels, 14th Sergeant Major of the U.S. Marine Corp, author of Leadership: Achieving Life Changing Success from Within, and founder of the Drew Foundation, said, "It's not about being soft on Valentine's Day.  It shows how caring we are about what we do.  We are guys who can do it all - not just the warror part.  Our families are the part of our lives that made us who we are today in our careers.  There is no better time to show our love than on Valentine's Day.  It's time for us to show Veterans and their families that we all care.  We hope employers will embrace the value of Veterans."

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