American Freedom Festival: Huntsville 2012

1st Annual American Freedom Festival Huntsville
May 5, 2012
Von Braun Center Concert Hall

The American Freedom Foundation's first venture into Huntsville was a rousing success!  In partnership with Still Serving Veterans (SSV), we were able to raise $30,000 for SSV, the Semper Fi Community Task Force and the North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Organizations Coalition.  The evening started off with our reception that honored and recognized our sponsors starting with our Presenting Sponsor, Northrop Grumman.  We are extremely grateful to the many sponsors who made this event possibile.  Without our sponsors we would not be able to carry on the work of supporting and serving our Veterans, active duty military and military families.

The American Freedom Festival Huntsville kicked off with a great presentaton by the Redstone Arsenal color guard, national anthem singer, SPC Michelle Dykes and chaplain Colonel Douglas Kinder.  We are grateful for their participation in helping to make the event so meaningful.

SMA (R) Tilley welcomed the crowd who you could tell were eagerly awaiting the appearance of LONESTAR. After a rousing performance by the Jason Albert Band, SMA Tilley brought to the stage our AFF Huntsville event chairman, Mr. Joe Green.  Together they brought out Vice President of our Presenting Sponsor, Northrop Grumman, LTG (R ) Kevin Campbell, to present our charitable contribution of the evening to Still Serving Veterans. Sheila McFerran and SSV Founder, Will Webb took the stage to receive $25,000 from the American Freedom Foundation on behalf of Northrop Grumman.  The audience showed their appreciation for the work of SSV with a standing ovation.

It couldn't happen any sooner for this audience. When LONESTAR took the stage the place went wild!  The band, celebrating its 20th anniversary of making hits and performing on stages throughout the world, launched into an unforgettable 75-minute set that included all of their many hit songs.  Their interaction with the audience was just what this crowd wanted with standing ovation and standing ovataion showing their appreciation. After a second encore, SMA Tilley joined the group on stage to thank the audience for supporting the American Freedom Festival Huntsville and our Veterans, active duty military and military families.

We all look forward to creating a tradition with the 2nd Annual American Freedom Festival Huntsville!~

  • Northrop Grumman’s LTG (R) and Mrs. Kevin Campbell with SMA (R) Tilley

  • SMA Tilley with General Formica and CSM Ron Riling recognizing our distinguished military service members

  • The Jason Albert Band delivers an electric set

  • SMA Tilley introduces AFF Huntsville chairman, Joe Green

  • Lonestar’s Michael Britt and Dean Sams rock out to “Amazed”!

  • LTG Kevin Campbell delivers comments to audience about importance of supporting our Veterans

  • Lonestar’s Keech Rainwater keeps the beat on “No News”!

  • SMA Tilley, Joe Green and LTG Campbell present a check for $25,000 to Will Webb and Sheila McFerran of Still Serving Veterans!

  • Lonestar rocks out at American Freedom Festival Huntsville

  • Our Host, AFF Co-Founder, SMA (R) Jack Tilley

  • American Freedom Festival Huntsville

  • Lonestar’s lead singer, Richie McDonald belts out an awesome performance on “I’m Already There”!